Taking the Shot: How Wayne Gretzky and Michael Scott Taught the Idea Behind the Easy 1up Bonus

If Michael Scott has said anything worthwhile in his long tenure as a character on The Office, it was “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Of course, the quote comes from veteran hockey player Wayne Gretzky, which Michael Scott acknowledges, but the sentiment is the same.If you don’t take a shot, it will be missed regardless.

Easier said than done. Entrepreneurs face a staggering amount of obstacles, and it can be a whole lot easier to roll everything back in stick to the safety net of a stable job, the same town, a safe relationship, etc. Being an entrepreneur means embracing challenge.

It is better to set a tone in the beginning that challenges will be met head on. Starting a massive marketing challenge only begins with a desire and a small step or two. This is where all aspiring leaders should begin- desire. Find a response to a desire.

The desire is only the first step. The hardest step of an excited and aspiring entrepreneur is step two. This is the step of tangible and legitimate action. It is the step that takes an aspiring idea and helps manifest it into a very real thing. Sign up for a referral program. Open up a credit account. Enroll in school.

There are smaller steps in between this (i.e. doing due diligence) but it all services to meet the greater goal of actually getting the ball rolling. In a sense, this is the step of actually making a decision on something. In the words of Wayne Gretzky, it is actually taking the shot.

All the research in the world never amounts to taking the shot. It amounts to intrigue. It amounts to, potentially, a little bit of over-planning. This could be a disaster for someone who is already hesitant to change.

As the project evolves and grows, certain things may come. For example, an Easy 1up bonus could have ease concerns and get a referral marketer to that next step. A bonus itself doesn’t make the business. But, it is one piece to success. It never would have happened without taking the shot in the first place, and not just thinking about where that shot will land.